Monday, June 14, 2010

1st place, Vegas adventure & bad cough

well well well it has come and gone! Im finally finished with the CAL figure competition! I finished 1st in my class & went on to loose the overall to Heather from class D I believe. She looked amazing & is another client of Gina's. It was great to get to know some of the girls backstage! Meygan from Class E ( I believe) was such a sweetheart. Between her, Heather & myself we made the backstage area a time of laughs and new friendships. Congrats to all that competed everyone looked so great it was crazy! Huge BIkini classes as well.... who knew that division would take off like it did. They said that about figure though back in 2003. Im excited to now have JR CAL 1st place & CAL 1st place!!!!!!!! damn what an honor!

My family came out from the midwest to cheer me on. It felt so amazing to have friends and family surrounding me and cheering me on as I went on stage this year. Also in the audience was my fiance Dionisio. Overall I had such an amazing time!!

I came out of that weekend with a 1st place, 2 new friends & a warm fuzzy feeling I wouldnt trade for the world. Thank you to all who have followed me through this and continue to do so as I climb the figure latter one rep at a time.

Now for future plans..... Ive been taking some time off ( about a week & 1/2) My friends from nebraska came out & we had a week full of drinks, yummy foods & not a care in the world. Once I got back home after our party sessions I became ill!!! Im still sick. Got awful cough and all stuffed up. I decided to push through and continue with my competition schedule.

Im planning on stepping on stage at the USA's in July. I qualified for nationals so Im going to take advantage of it and see how I place amoungst the best in the world. It will be the biggest, toughest competition ive done so far but Im excited and ready to get my feet wet in VEGAS!!!!!

As of now Its time to get back into the gym. Im finally back to about 75% as far as feeling good goes so Im back to the gym and training. I have some weight to take off from the week off as well as being sick but Im sure I'll be able to get it together by July 30th!! I cannot wait.

Here are some pics from the show and vegas. I love you all, thank you for your support.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4 weeks out and couting!

Hey hey hey!! Guess it's been quite a long time since Ive blogged on here! Ive been slacking.

About 2 weeks ago I actually headed to Vegas and made a few mistakes. There was a couple days that I didn't workout & ate pretty bad. Had drinks, turkey burgers, etc. It wasnt the greatest thing ever.....

Im back home now and back on track. I honestly feel a little behind but I think the last four weeks I should be able to pull it off and come down a little quicker. With the added MMA training and possibly a couple extra classes here and there I should be able to get something done.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

7 weeks out & counting

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

this week was pretty good, Id have to say. I didnt get in 100% of everything on my plan as far as cardio goes but I did finish with the right amount just in different forms. This week was heavier on the MMA training and I kinda slipped some of those in instead of hitting the cardio equiptment.

Monday: Bi's Tris & Glutes 60 min of stairmill 1 hour of Kickboxing and 1 hour of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Tuesday: Shoulders & Calves, 1 hour of BJJ 40 min stairmill 25 min stairmill & 5 min on bike
Wednesday: 30 min stairmill 30 min eliptical 15 min bike
THursday: Legs 40 min stairmill 25 min stairmill
Friday: 1 hour of kickboxing, 1 hour of kickboxing 30 min stairmill
Saturday: 1 hour of BJJ shoulders & hamstrings, 30 min on stairmill & 30 min on stairmill.

Feeling great today. Its high fat day which is my favorite so I will be on cloud 9 today eating my natural peanut butter and almond butter. today I have to get in 80 min of cardio plus 20 bike sprints. I'll probably get in 40 min then 10 sprints and go back later to finish the rest or hit the track for some sprints and the rest of my cardio. I love trackworkouts to get me sweating and get outside for a natural stride. :) I updated Gina today with pictures so we will see what is in store for next week!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

6 Weeks out tomorrow!!!

Im 6 weeks out tomorrow! Time is flying by. I cannot believe Im so close. I dunno what it is but after 6 weeks out it flashes before your eyes.

This week has been filled with kick ass workouts and yummy foods. I had another MINOR slip up but it was with clean foods just too many of them at the wrong time. Im still on track and ready to turn it up yet another notch as it gets closer.

Kickboxing classes have been amazing this week. Ive gotten in 2 so far. My avg calorie burn during those is around 400. Its such a great workout but its causing my heart to be more conditioned. Regular cardio now is very difficult to get my heart rate higher than 140!! I used to be able to hit that so fast. Now I got to turn that treadmill up to 15 incline at 4.6 MPH to even get that thing to jump! Ive been doing mostly the fat burner mode on the stairmill. I love that thing! I can feel my glutes getting tighter and I can feel!

I got a call from LA INK the TV show for a tattoo design Ive wanted for a long time. It goes with my key. I have an on camera interview monday and then we go from there to see if I can be on the show, so thats EXCITING!! I'll post pictures from LA ;) I wanna try and go to Golds Venice & Train. So we shall see.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

7 weeks or so out....

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Hope you're all doing well and started your week off right! Im coming up on 7 weeks out. I had 2 mishaps over the weekend! ahaha... I thought I could handle munching on just a couple pieces of the Chocolate Trail mix with yogurt covered raisins. I thought wrong, 4 handfuls in I was like " What am I doing!!!!" I could feel the sugar hit my body fast. I started to fill out and see veins that were flat just 30 min before. I went straight to the gym to train shoulders & get in my 60 min of cardio. It was a really really good workout...hahaha... Then on Easter I had a few sugar cookies.

Aside from my minor slip ups, I am now on track. I sent updates to Gina yesterday. She was very pleased with how well I was progressing. Im feeling a lot better & cant wait to see whats next!

Now cardio's on the rise. EOD 60 min the other days 80 min. plus the added MMA training of 1 BJJ class, 3 Kickboxing and 2 sets of 10 bike Sprints!

Yesterday I woke up and headed into BJJ at 8am after grabbing a protein shake and oatmeal. Right after BJJ I went to do kickboxing and get one out of the way. It felt so good to knock out 2 requirements for the week right off the bat on a Monday morning. Its weird, Ive always loved Mondays. NO LIE. I love the start of a new week. Its such a refreshing feeling. After class I headed home to down meal #2 and return some emails.

I went to the gym around 5 to hit bi's, tri's & 60 min of cardio.

I made D some dinner and munched on it as well. But my main dinner was shrimp with tomatoes, cilantro & green onions. I made him some lean beef stir fry with grilled peppers and teriyaki soy sauce. Even though I only ate a couple bites I can feel the sodium today. I think I'll hit up BJJ tonight in hopes of shedding some of this excess water weight. I always feel soo much better after class. It gives me a lot more than steady cardio does. There's nothing like feeling your body being pushed harder than ever.

This morning I got in 40 min of cardio on the stairmill ( well actually 37.5 min) Im really trying to not let a few min here or there effect my thinking this time around. I really want to prove to myself and other that a contest prep can be fun and not always a life or death situation if you dont get in EXACTLY 40 min to the T. Its silly to let things like that cloud your mind and consume your every thought!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!!! Of course its tough sometimes, but I told myself this time around I'm not going to have a stressful prep. SO FAR< SO GOOD!!!!

Motivation is something I constantly seek. Everyone needs to be inspired, motivated & even pushed. Lately Im finding strength in others encouraging words, Gina's voice of reason & even from some of my clients and even people in the MMA Scene.

I think MMA athletes & bodybuilders have a similar mindset. We both train for one specific day, hour, min to showcase what we've worked so hard for the previous months leading up to that day. We both need to watch our nutrition and push our bodies further than we once thought possible.

I really admire and look up to theses athletes. Not only do they have to deal with high intensity training, but they diet on top of it, have to face an opponent one on one & have the possibility of Defeat. Its what they do with that feeling of defeat that makes the difference.
Champions across any sport all have one common denominator. DRIVE! They have the drive to beat the competition, the DRIVE to beat the athlete they were the day before, the DRIVE to inspire and the DRIVE to overcome obstacles, coming out stronger and more prepared!! There's one in my life that really inspires me to push harder, push past the pain I might feel during a set, push past the feeling of not wanting to go finish my training for the day & push through the negative thoughts that somtimes cross my mind. He keeps me going & I'm so blessed that God had our paths cross. I'm not used to having someone that believes in me, that pushes me day in and day out without even saying a word, to become the best person I can. IN & OUTSIDE of the gym. He reminds me that I Can and I WILL do what I have my mind set to doing and the ONLY person that stops that from happening is ME. I think the more positive thoughts I flood my mind with the better my workouts have become, the stronger my mind has become and the easier it is to get through my days. So happy to see the next! Thanks for the inspiration and above all belief in me. It means more than I can express. I wont disapoint.

Well Im excited for today. I have 40 min of cardio left tonight after I train shoulders, calves and abs. Im going to try and get into train some BJJ tonight after my weight training.

Have an awesome rest of the week! and thanks for reading up on my progress. :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Less fat... More cravings!!

Hey Everyone!!! Sorry I didnt get pictures from Monday with Gina. My client Courtney had to get in some posing time so I got my suit off as quick as possible and hit up the stairmill while she was posing with Gina.

Monday was great! Met at 10:15 at World Gym in San Diego. Got in a killer shoulder workout with Gina and then got in 30 min of cardio. We headed out to Sushi with another competitor Jon Ward. He will be in the super heavy class this year at the Cal. They have some Bomb sushi rolls at this little spot off Garnet in San Diego. It was carb free and oo sooo soo good!!

After that we did a little shopping then headed back to Palm Springs. I got in another 30 min of stairmill after we got back and then headed out to dinner.

Yesterday was rough for some reason. I got a new plan. Cardio's been uped to 2 80 min sessions, 2 sets of bike sprints but still 60 min of cardio the other 5 days a week. The fat in my plan got lowered so Im having some hardcore cravings yesterday and today. I miss my almond butter!!! Its so weird what happens to your taste buds when you elimiate things from you diet. I was allowed to eat a new bar that came out called Quest Bars. Theses bad boys are so freaking amazing I chowed down on TWO of them right in a row!!! AHHHHHH extra 220 calories.

So I dont think I'll be adding those into my plan any more. I asked Gina to take them out. I cannot handle the sweetness of them, it stirred up other cravings. I need to get my salty tooth back b.c that keeps me safe and on track. Craving clean fresh meats and salads.

Today Im going to try and get in some MMA training and kickboxing as well as triceps, glutes and calves since I missed them yesterday. I'll need to do abs as well. So thats all on my list today!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

9 Weeks out...

Hey!!! Happy Sunday to all :) hope everyone is doing great & one step closer to their goals.

THis week was interesting.... I had my MD radio interview monday night. I was feeling sick the day I woke up. I can always feel my body fighting off sickness if it comes my way. Its a battle I feel by the hour. When you are so intuned with your body its crazy the things you notice. Even the little things, like extra water rention from a certain meat, etc. Tuesday it hit me really hard. I got up and did 30 min of cardio but after that the pressure in my head just got worse and worse. Gina told me to head home and get some rest. It was the first time I wasnt happy to be able to take time off. I wanted to be back in the gym. I wanted to keep pushing through. Im glad I listened to her and took time off.

This week went ok. I missed some AM cardio sessions this week. The combination of that and being sick has made me feel pretty flat & squishy. I also followed the wrong plan on Thursday ( which is my high carb day) so that really threw things off. I think my body relies on that day to get a little boost. Since I followed the wrong one GIna told me to just continue with my weekly plan as usual. Keep in mind this weeks plan only has 27g of carbohydrates per day & 15 on Sundays!! So my muscle bellies are completely depleted and that makes for one mental case of a figure competitor! ahahaha... I know how it is all going to pan out and thats why I put 100% of my faith and trust into Gina. I just keep following the plan, one day at a time as best as I can and rest well knowing Im doing my part!

ITs crazy the mental things you can go through during a prep. This one has had a lot more ups than downs. Im feeling a lot more focused and driven this contest prep than last. I think having people that believe in you and are happy when you are up and achieving your goals really makes a difference on your spirit. Im really trying to keep all things positive in my life around and X out the negative. Although we are all human, and sometimes I let negative things take over, I let the positive regain control and keep pushing forward.

The older I get, the more I grasp the concept that you are in control of your happiness. At the end of the day, you can control how you react to situations, trails & triumphs. You can approach them with a humble happy spirit, or attack them with an arrogant attitude. My Mom always told me, "Pride commeth before the fall" Ive always had that in the back of my mind. Of course from time to time your EGO can take over and you may say boastful things that arent necessary but I think if you truely keep yourself humble you will go much further in life and gain much much more.

" Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until defeat has been ACCEPTED as a reality. To me, defeat im anuthing is merely temporary, and it's punishment is but an urge for me to give greater effort to achieve my goal. Defeat simply tells me that something is wrong in my doing; it is a path leading to success and truth" -Bruce LEE

TOmorrow I will be traveling to San Diego with the Courtney's :) My 2 Bikini Clients. Im excited to watch them grow in the sport and more importantly to learn more about themselves and how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle. :) They both have been working so hard & Im proud of them!! I cannot wait for them to meet a huge part of my life, Gina & Im anxious to see what she has to say. I will be posting pictures tomorrow so everyone can see my progress and theirs as well. so look forward to that.

meal 2 for today I wanted to share with you all because its low carb day so its hard to find yummy treats to fill your appetite.

1/4c of oatmeal
4 egg whites
blend together and put on frying pan to make pancake
then I topped it off with:
1/4 scoop of maxpro ban.protein with 1tsp water. whip it up and poured over the pancake then topped with splenda. SOOOO Delicious!

Well Im off to the store then to do some cardio :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mini Goals Accomplished!

Hey Everyone!! Hope your Sunday is going smooth & you are getting in some relaxation. Im feelin a little under the weather today. Im fighting a little sore throat right now, loading up on Vitamin C all day long and just relaxing.

My 2 weeks is up for my mini goals. Gina is finally back from her wedding and honeymoon!! She was a gorgeous bride. check out her website Congrats to her as she starts a new and exciting chapter in her life!

Im waiting for updates now. I took pictures this morning and yesterday at the store.

The past few weeks Ive felt on top of the world! My first mini goal was to NOT hit snooze every morning and actually get up when it rings. Ive got a couple people that actually text me every AM around that time to make sure Im up and to send me some inspiration and love. I cant thank them enough for all the support so far, youre the best!!

Last weeks cardio schedule was: 50 min of cardio 6 days a week 25min stairmill 25min treadmill at 15 incline 4.5mph 3 kickboxing classes 10 bike sprints and 1 BJJ class.
Jiu-Jitsu was pretty good this week. We ran through an armbar switching drill for 3 sets of 5 min each. I was dying by the second set. My abs and hip flexors were killing me. After the drills we got to roll for 30 min. Thats such an intense workout. I submitted her several times with arm bar and got in a couple GI chokes. Its so much fun to be able to include new forms of workouts to get my heart rate going and muscles movin!!

Kickboxing this week was different. I was only able to make it in once but it was actually an all mit session with a trainer. He kicked my ass. We actually went over an hour and I got in an extra 40 min of cardio work doing different drills, abs & kicks with the heavy bags. If anyone needs private lessons let me know and I will get you in contact with him.

Weight training went great this week. I got in all my workouts including ABS!!! ahaha... My shoulders are starting to come out a little more as my body fat drops and the delts build from doing them 2x's a week.

So as far as the goals went I got them DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be on Muscular Development radio Monday night 7EST/4PST. I put the link below. Tune in to hear Shawn Ray interview Ronnie Coleman, photographer Per Bernal & Steve Weinberger plus ME!!!! :) Im so excited, tune in if you can otherwise subscribe on itunes!! More exciting news coming as I get closer to my competition! I cant wait to share this with you guys.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dieting and Drunk people DO NOT MIX

Well Saturday is finally here!! I look forward to Saturdays because it means One week closer to the competition!!

As for the title of this blog..... Last night I decided to head out with a couple friends to a few bars in Palm Springs. I thought Id be able to handle being around drunk people and still have a good time. WRONG I WAS. I could not believe some of the stuff I was seeing. Its crazy how much you notice when you remove yourself from situations and Look at what really goes on at a club its not that much fun. Also the mix of lower carbs and training hard DO NOT mix. I was miserable. So needless to say, Im content with staying at home, relaxing & surrounding myself with people that I care about instead of going out.

Had amazing workouts yesterday. Got everything in early, ran some sprints at a local park after finishing my 50 min of cardio. It felt great to do some running outside!!

Today I woke up around 8 am. Got my normal breakfast in & headed to train hamstrings & shoulders.

I got through a new leg workout that Gina gave me and damn did it tear my ass up, LITERALLY LOL!!! Gotta bring out my glutes and hamstrings. This was the workout:




After I got that done, I hit the treadmill for a 10 min cool down. Grabbed a protein shake with 1/4c of oatmeal and headed in to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for an hour.

Now all I have left for workouts today is 40min of cardio. I'll do 25min stairmill and 15 min on the treadmill at a 15 incline & probably 4.4MPH.

Im feeling MUCH MUCH better. Getting in my workouts and eating great. Im really starting to see a difference. I took some pictures today after my workout. I havent weighed myself lately, but here are the pics.

Compared to about 3 weeks ago:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Killed it yesterday!!

Happy THursday everyone!! Damn was yesterday a day of work or what!?!

AM cardio was 30 min on the stairmill. My heart rate was between 130-170 but mainly on the lower side the first 15min then went up as my BRN-2 fat burner kicked in! After cardio I headed home to emjoy my favorite meal that I posted yesterday :) oh its soo yummy....

I sat around a little too much yesterday during the day. Headed into work to meet up with someone and got a little work done. After that headed back home to eat some Calamari seafood mix that I had prepared on Sunday. ( Calamari mix from WinCo, can of itailian stewed tomatoes, mushrooms and some garlic. I boil it then drain ou the liquid to rid as much sodium as possible.)

It was quite delicious over some salad with a tbsp of Olive Oil. :)

Kickboxing was at 6pm I ate a meal about an hour before I went in there. It was an amazing workout as always. Got my heart rate up a little too high during one burst session. I had to take off the gloves and bend over to gain control of my body. ( I had taken the brn-2, 2 scoops of D-fine 8 & 1/2 a meltdown!) Mix that in with a kick ass instructor and you got a possible heart attack lmao!

After class I headed home to down a protein shake real quick, then off to 24 hour fitness to get in my weight training.

I did Shoulders/Abs/Calves and finished up with 20 min on the starmill.

I was DONE after that!! Headed home to eat my last meal and crashed out!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well well well Mr. Stairmill, we meet again.

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Got up again this morning to hit the cardio up!! Thanks to my Mother & another who text me early to ensure Im up and working towards my goal. It feels good to have support and encouragement. I know somedays I really want to hit that snooze button and stay in my comfy bed. They remind me that not only am I in this for myself, but for others. I didnt really realize that even though I dont think its a big deal what I do, to me its just my life and I dont see living any other way, some look up to me for motivation, ideas, or just to possibly compare workouts/diet. I constantly look up to those that enagage in the same lifestyle no matter their rank or status. Anyone that can dedicate themselves to something 100% and cut out anything that keeps them from achieving that goal inspires me. Im finding a greater appreciation for other sports, activities, careers etc. Motivation is found in numerous places. take some time today to look around for motivation in things you might normally find motivation in. Maybe a friend that overcame a tough situation, a touching story on the news... etc...

My trainer posted this quote on her page and I really liked it!

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

Last year was a tough one. Not only for myself but those that I worked with, friends of mine, and my own family. I come to realize quickly that after the money is gone, after the trips, clothes, eating out, what really matters in life is surrounding yourself with people that love and care for you. People that make you feel special and that you make them feel the same. I didnt have a lot of money, but it was more than I had ever had in my life. At the end of the day, when it was all gone, I had focused so much on work work work and making $$ that I had no substance in my life. Hardly any friends, family thousands of miles away, stress levels through the roof! Dont get me wrong, I wouldnt take back the past few years if someone PAID me but I learned soo many valuable lessons.

Money can always be earned, but you'll never be able to replace true friends and family that love you no matter what! Lifes too short, so do what you love & forget all else.

Cardio went quick today. Got in 30 min on the stairmill & headed home to down meal #1!! Soooo yummy..... I took a pic so you guys can see. I love my first meal its by far my favorite. :)

Wanted to send my mom love today as she meets with my father to finalize the divorce. Its one step closer to her being able to be free and be a better person! love you!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday monday... bah dah, bah da da dah...

LOl.. everytime I hear Monday I think of that song I had to sing a rendition of in Middle school. hahah... oh anyways..

Today is off to an amazing start!! Got up before my 6:30 text came in and started to prep for AM cardio. Took a BRN-2, strapped on the ipod & headed to 24 hour fitness.

Got in 25 min on stairmill, text some friends and read oxygen to make it go my a lot faster. Something about getting that cardio out of the way first thing really makes me feel so much better and ready to attack my day!

After cardio, I headed home for meal 1:
5 egg whites 1/4c oatmeal with cinnamon & splenda, 1/4 avocado topped off with some salsa, cilantro and green onions!! SOOO YUMMY...

I have 3 cardio kickboxing session in my plan right now so I decided to get one done and over with so after meal 1 I packed up gloves, wraps and headed out to Technique to get my ass kicked!!

Now on to tackle the rest of my day. I have Bi's, Tri's & Glutes tonight plus 25 min of cardio on the treadmill at and incline.

This week we have complied some mini goals while my trainer is in Cabo for her wedding. I will be left without contact with her from now until March 22nd!! ahahaha... So since I need to have things shortened so I dont overwhelm myself the goal this week is to NOT HIT SNOOZE! Get up in the AM and get my cardio out of the way. The next weeks goal is to get in all AB & LEG workouts. I struggle doing legs and abs for some reasoN! ahahhaa..

We will taking progress pictures March 22nd when she gets back, so my main focus is to make sure I look a lot different in 2 weeks.

Also be debating on what I should do for a suit. I could use the same one that I have currently. Add some stones to it. Or get a new suit. I really like the one Larissa Reis wore for the Olympia this year. It was turqoise with pink and light colored accent stones. Or Mindi Smiths suit shes been wearing since shes won her procard. Anyone have any ideas?? I've attached pics...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

12 weeks out!

Hey Everyone!! Dang its been 5 weeks since I last posted a blog! ahahah Damn you would think Id be ahead of the game. Its all a learning experience. Life is life and it happens. Im human and slip up from time to time.

15 weeks out was supposed to be the start of my contest prep. It was a little rocky as I started to get the mind set of on and off season which is quite a battle for me. I need to think HEALTHY LIFESYLE and not on/off season.

The past week has been filled with me trying to get in all my meals & training. Right now my cardio is 45min a day 6 days a week, 3 kickboxing classes, 1 Jiu-Jitsu class & 10 bike sprints.

Weight training is 5 days a week with Shoulders and legs being done twice. Im laying off of training back & chest for right now and focusing on my weaker body parts. I really need to bring up my legs ( especially glute hamstring tie in) so my workouts have been filled with a LOT of lower body work.

For the first time in a while Im actually getting legs in atleast 1-2 times per week. THe last contest prep I think I did them 2xs a month. I used to dread leg days, but now when I train legs I invision the way they are going to look on stage. I find myself squeezing my glutes and hams on a daily basis to get that mind muscle connection. I think its really starting to make a difference and Im on my way to thicker legs.

As this week is coming to a close Im ready to tackle another one. Im taking this contest prep one week & then one day at a time. I find it easier to stay focused and motivated when I have mini goals to reach.

This week the focus is going to be getting up early for AM cardio before meal one. I struggled with that this week, so its my "monster" I gotta tackle!!

I'll post again tomorrow with more details about the prep. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

17 weeks out

I am now 17 weeks out. Give or take a few days. Last week wasnt bad at all. Kept pretty on track. Added a few extra carbs & fats in a few places, missed one session of cardio but got in 4 extra MMA training classes. So it balanced out to the right amount of calories burned.

I took pictures yesterday & sent updates to GIna. Im actually 135.8lbs now. Apparently Im looking on track. I personally feel like and look like Ive gone backwards but as of yesterday I got one cardio session cut out.

This weeks schedule is : bi/tri/glutes & Cardio Kickboxing
Tuesday: Calves/ Abs/ Shoulders 25min stairmill 25 min treadmill at incline
Wednesday: Off from Weights Cardio kickboxing
Thursday: Track WOrkout - 25 min stairmill 25 min treadmill at incline
Friday: Legs ( glutes & Hams ) 9 am kickboxing
Saturday: JuJitsu & Shoulders Hams & Abs
Sunday: 25 Min stairmill 25 min treadmill & Interval treadmill workout

Almost 100% moved in to the new place. Im glad I found it and can get all my meal prepared the way they are supposed to be on time & everything hahaa... Love it!

Well today is long, I'll be at the store till 8 then headed off to the gym to train and get cardio in after that!!

I posted my front pic I sent to Gina yesterday.... LOL the only good part about it... I wont look like that in a few weeks thank GOD!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

6:30am Came faster than expected... I was ready for it though

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

Wow, yesterday was insane! I had some built up aggression yesterday so I decided to take it out on the gym. Wednesdays are my off days for weight training so I woke up around 7:00am had 1/4c oats with 1 scoop of Dymatize protein. ( I usually dont use that brand but my proteins at my old place ahhaah) Downed a BRN-2 and headed out to train Brazilian Ju-jitsu at 8am.

Class was fun. My usual partner in crime wasnt there but thankfully another girl showed up. We learned a few new techniques. There's a cardio kick-boxing class after that so I decided to grab my gloves and unload on the heavy bags for an hour. After that I headed home to eat meal #2. 1/4c oats with 5 egg whites... soooo good! Topped with salsa and spray butter it has to be my FAVORITE meal of the day hands down! I ran some errands yesterday then headed back to the gym for cardio kickboxing #2 with Billy.

Im not sure if it was the d-fine 8 I had before, the built up aggression or the fact that I was 5 meals in by that class but I had an AMAZING workout the second time around. I was sweating all over the place, landing tough punches and keeping up with everyone. It felt soo good afterwards.

Anytime Im struggling with things in my life, I head to the gym, listen to music or hit the book store for a refresher. Lately Ive been using the MMA training. Theres something about being surrounded with people who not only love to workout but they are doing functional training, with strategy involved. THings that bothered you when you walked in the doors of the gym, seem to fade with each bead of sweat, punch & heart pumping cardio training that you get from it. Nothing else exsits when you start training like that. I get like that during weight training as well. Sometimes I get lost in the surrounds but with any MMA training theres no room for your mind to wonder. It will end in an arm bar, wrong punch to the bag or not as effective of a workout.

After the cardio kickboxing I decided to jump into the Muay Tai class. Its not all about cardio which is a nice change up. Much different to have someone punching AT you instead of just punching the bag! ahahha.. but it was still a great time and a great way for me to calm my nerves & relieve the built up stress!

This morning I got up at 6:00 for a track workout. I headed off to a friends to meet them and then we headed to find a track. Since schools in session its hard to get on to the tracks on a weekday. We found a smaller soccer park and modified our workout. It took us about 45 min to complete I would say. Great way to get the blood going and metabolisim revved up!!

Got back to their house and had 5 egg whites with 1/2c oatmeal ( Todays high carb day!) lol.... sooo good!!! FAVORITE MEALLLLL

I have an SD card on its way for our flip video and I will soon be loading videos of the workouts and training so you guys can see what really goes down in theses ass kicking workouts!

Its almost time to eat again.... I'll be in the store all day today.. Hopefully I have enough food :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Applesauce, flasks & sushi send off!!

Good Morning everyone!! Hope your weeks going well so far!!

Guess Ive been a little MIA for the past week. It all started with Monday. I decided to go out to dinner with a friend. Had a few drinks & sushi... then some more drinks. haha... Oh needless to say I had more calories than I should of. Missed a lot of workouts last week.

I know the Cal is right around the corner. Contest prep officially starts 15 weeks out from the date of the contest which is FEB> 13th!! Getting a head start on a contest prep is never a bad idea. In my mind I like to have one last crazy week/weekend filled with consuming whatever I feel like may it be Nachos, Drinks, etc. So thats what last week was! I ate terrible the entire week and now Im feeling the effects. My workouts are very slow & it takes me a while to get out of bed. It usually takes me about a full week or 5 days to clear all the toxins out of my body and be back to normal.

This morning I got in 25 min of stairmill at 24 hour fitness in Indio. It went by quick, especially after my friend Courtney ( whos getting ready for her first NPC Bikini competition. She'll be doing the Orange County Classic April 24th!!) Its always nice to have a cardio & workout buddy. Keeping you accountable to your workouts and also being there to push one another. For this contest prep, that is one thing Im going to get in more of. WOrking out with several others to push myself & to also help them out as well!!!

Im already down 2 meals.

meal 1: 5 egg whites w/ salsa & spray butter.
1/4c oatmeal w/ 1/4c homemade applesauce for flavor.

meal 2: 4 egg whites w/ 1.5 scoop of protein powder 1/4c oats with another splash of applesauce. Made into pancakes!! SOOO YUMMY. and of course, topped with SPray butter hehehe...

my next meal will be a salmon patty with green beans & a slice of ezikel bread.

Got a lot of planning to do, as well as orders to place in the store. Today will be busy busy!! Cant wait. :) I'm hitting shoulders & calves tonight. Should be an awesome workout. Then BJJ in the AM!!! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

San Diego & picking myself back up

Happy Sunday to all!! Hope your day of rest is filled with recharging energy for the up coming week. Get outside, take a walk with ones you love, see a movie, DO SOMETHING!!! :)

Friday was a little rocky, I decided last min to head down to San Diego to meet with my trainer Gina. I headed out around 4pm after getting oil changed. Got to San Diego around 6pm. I headed straight to Worlds Gym off Garnet to get in my back workout that I had missed the other day.

I did wide lat pull downs, dumbbell rows, straight arm push downs for the lats on cables & finished with close grip cable rows.

After the mini back workout, I headed upstairs to hit the stairmill for 25 min. Then headed to the treadmill to finish the other 25 min.

Being back in that gym, seeing all the dedication surrounding the weights, peoples hearts pumping away on cardio equiptment with the cool crisp air of San Diego was an amazing flash back. I used to head down there several times a month to see Gina during my contest prep in 08. Something about that gym, its a calming feeling for me. Like a sportsman slap on the backside saying " Good job, keep going, you got this" I feel in my own focused world at that gym, its crazy.

After that headed to a friends house to eat my meals and get some sleep.

Saturday, woke up and had 1/2c of oatmeal with 1 scoop of high 5 pineapple banana protein. headed in to see Gina at 11. She looked amazing as always. Such a positive vibe from her. She showed my shoulders the workout they've been needing haha & we went over some posing. This year, I need to change up my posing and hit my hamstrings as hard as possible for the next 19 weeks.

Main things I need to focus on is being 100% with my diet and training. Getting in all the food that is recommended and hitting the body parts I need to as hard as possible. The biggest concerns I have this contest season, is not coming in showing drastic improvements. Building muscle is a slow process. It takes years to build good, solid, dense muscle. Being female, it just adds one more thing... ESTROGEN!!! It makes it even tougher to put on the muscle that I want.

So today, its back to the gym after I leave the shop. I have cardio to do today & thats it. I might throw some abs in there since I didnt do them yesterday.
I got an updated plan with track workouts & some new cardio varations so this week will be interesting. Ill try and get the track workout on video so you can see what I do.

Have an awesome Sunday!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alarm went off, I hit snooze

Good Morning everyone!!! Well today I had the intentions of waking up with my alarm, which I did, but instead of throwing on my workout gear I hit snooze and drifted back to sleep for an hour and a half.

Yesterday was full of cardio!! I did BJJ in the morning for an hour. Learned a choke hold with the GI & got in some live rolling time. Did the cardio kickboxing at 6pm. It was a revved up class last night!! Full of high intensity drills & we even got to practice our ground and pound on some bags. I decided to stick around to try out a Muay Tai class. It was a nice change of pace, a little slower, but more technique driven. I so excited to learn the different styles of martial arts. Its a ton of fun & I get an amazing workout doing it! If there's a school by you I encourage you to stop in and try a class or two. You'd be surprised how much it helps you stay focused and burn off that extra weight.

This year Im really trying to focus on functional training. Not only do I want to continue to build lean mass but I want to be athletic as well. So far, its working out great & I cannot wait to continue my adventures. Thanks for checking in..

TOnight: I still need to get in 25min of stairmill 25 min of treadmill on an incline. 10 of those min are inclined while holding 10lb dumbells.

weight training tonight is: Abs, back & Calves. :) Love love love training back so this will be an easy night followed by my cardio. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh My Quad!

Happy Hump Day everyone!! Hope all is well & you are all one step closer to your goals.

This morning woke up about 7am, made my 4 egg whites with 1/2c oatmeal. Of course I watched Keeping up with the Kardashian's as I munch down my first meal. Usually I wake up, take my fat burner and head into the gym for round one of cardio but Today it was BJJ at 8am.

Today's class was more technique than just live rolling, but I still got a good sweat in. Im going to go back tonight and get some kickboxing in just to make sure I got my cardio on for the day... plus I got new handwraps I need to try out... & there's always some good motivation there.

Second meal was 1/4c oats, 4 egg whites, 1/2scoop of High 5 pine/ban with one strawberry cut up & topped with spray butter!! Sooo delicious. After that I headed out to get my nails done.

Cant wait for tonights class then relax time!!! Its my day off of weight training, I need some R&R my QUADS ARE KILLING ME!!!!! I CAN HARDLY WALK STRAIGHT.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Salmon Patties & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Currently 20 weeks out from my contest.
current weight: 135.5
Current Cardio: 50 min 4x's per week, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 3x's per week & Kickboxing 1-2 times per week 1 hour each.
Favorite food at the moment: Salmon Patties from Trader Joes

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Im a couple weeks into 2010 & things are going well so far. Ive been working with Gina Aliotti for the past few months now in preparation for the 2010 California State Figure Championships in May. So far Im down 10lbs on the scale & at least 12-15lbs of fat. This year I hope to bring a fuller package to the stage with some added wheels.

This year I decided I wanted to change things up from the usual indoor cardio I do for my contest prep. Ive started taking some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes as well as a few kickboxing classes at Technique inside World Gym of Indio. Im so excited to get off the stairs and on to the mat to burn some extra calories. As I type this my body is sore, Ive been downing XTR & Glutamine all day like its candy. Not only is it a great cardio workout, but I love learning the technique used to submit opponents. Its like playing Chess. After my BJJ class on Monday, we had an hour of conditioning with jump squats and some ab work. It was an amazing start to the week!

Gina has cut my regular cardio down to 4x's a week. 50 min, 25 of which are on the stepmill & the other are on the treadmill at an incline. Aside from that I am doing the BJJ 3x's per week plus a class or two of Kickboxing when I feel the extra Umph to get in there.

Food has been cycled as always. I have higher carb days & low carb days. It keeps my body guessing and constantly burning all day long I love it!

Ive been really challenging my cooking & taste buds this year so far. Im stepping out of the traditional chicken and rice. Gina has shown me that not only can we eat delicious food but we can get lean doing it!!! My new favorite new food item is something I found at Trader Joes. I love salmon but I can only eat it at one meal because its usually higher in fat. WELL NOT ANY MORE!!! I found Salmon Patties that have 1.5g of fat 3g of carbohydrates & 21g of protein!!!!!! THey are already packed in 4's and only cost $4.80 a package. Stop in the store today and grab some. I cannot wait to stock back up. They come in handy while Im in the store. I just grill a few packages on Sunday & they last me the whole week. REheat for 2min and Im ready for my meal!

This year Im really focusing on building more leg muscle as I stated earlier. I need to bring out my hamstrings, glutes & calves. Ive been doing legs 2-3xs a week and incorporating a lot of supersets & plyo type of training. The MMA conditioning is going to help me not only get tighter, but get just that little bit extra cut in some of the areas I need. I cannot wait to see how I develop of the next few months!! The contest is at the end of May so I only have 5 months to go.

I'll be posting progress pictures up very soon & Im going to be adding videos of MMA training as well as some weight training that I'll be doing.

Thanks for checking in. If you have any fitness questions you can email me @ :)