Thursday, March 11, 2010

Killed it yesterday!!

Happy THursday everyone!! Damn was yesterday a day of work or what!?!

AM cardio was 30 min on the stairmill. My heart rate was between 130-170 but mainly on the lower side the first 15min then went up as my BRN-2 fat burner kicked in! After cardio I headed home to emjoy my favorite meal that I posted yesterday :) oh its soo yummy....

I sat around a little too much yesterday during the day. Headed into work to meet up with someone and got a little work done. After that headed back home to eat some Calamari seafood mix that I had prepared on Sunday. ( Calamari mix from WinCo, can of itailian stewed tomatoes, mushrooms and some garlic. I boil it then drain ou the liquid to rid as much sodium as possible.)

It was quite delicious over some salad with a tbsp of Olive Oil. :)

Kickboxing was at 6pm I ate a meal about an hour before I went in there. It was an amazing workout as always. Got my heart rate up a little too high during one burst session. I had to take off the gloves and bend over to gain control of my body. ( I had taken the brn-2, 2 scoops of D-fine 8 & 1/2 a meltdown!) Mix that in with a kick ass instructor and you got a possible heart attack lmao!

After class I headed home to down a protein shake real quick, then off to 24 hour fitness to get in my weight training.

I did Shoulders/Abs/Calves and finished up with 20 min on the starmill.

I was DONE after that!! Headed home to eat my last meal and crashed out!

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