Tuesday, April 6, 2010

7 weeks or so out....

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Hope you're all doing well and started your week off right! Im coming up on 7 weeks out. I had 2 mishaps over the weekend! ahaha... I thought I could handle munching on just a couple pieces of the Chocolate Trail mix with yogurt covered raisins. I thought wrong, 4 handfuls in I was like " What am I doing!!!!" I could feel the sugar hit my body fast. I started to fill out and see veins that were flat just 30 min before. I went straight to the gym to train shoulders & get in my 60 min of cardio. It was a really really good workout...hahaha... Then on Easter I had a few sugar cookies.

Aside from my minor slip ups, I am now on track. I sent updates to Gina yesterday. She was very pleased with how well I was progressing. Im feeling a lot better & cant wait to see whats next!

Now cardio's on the rise. EOD 60 min the other days 80 min. plus the added MMA training of 1 BJJ class, 3 Kickboxing and 2 sets of 10 bike Sprints!

Yesterday I woke up and headed into BJJ at 8am after grabbing a protein shake and oatmeal. Right after BJJ I went to do kickboxing and get one out of the way. It felt so good to knock out 2 requirements for the week right off the bat on a Monday morning. Its weird, Ive always loved Mondays. NO LIE. I love the start of a new week. Its such a refreshing feeling. After class I headed home to down meal #2 and return some emails.

I went to the gym around 5 to hit bi's, tri's & 60 min of cardio.

I made D some dinner and munched on it as well. But my main dinner was shrimp with tomatoes, cilantro & green onions. I made him some lean beef stir fry with grilled peppers and teriyaki soy sauce. Even though I only ate a couple bites I can feel the sodium today. I think I'll hit up BJJ tonight in hopes of shedding some of this excess water weight. I always feel soo much better after class. It gives me a lot more than steady cardio does. There's nothing like feeling your body being pushed harder than ever.

This morning I got in 40 min of cardio on the stairmill ( well actually 37.5 min) Im really trying to not let a few min here or there effect my thinking this time around. I really want to prove to myself and other that a contest prep can be fun and not always a life or death situation if you dont get in EXACTLY 40 min to the T. Its silly to let things like that cloud your mind and consume your every thought!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!!! Of course its tough sometimes, but I told myself this time around I'm not going to have a stressful prep. SO FAR< SO GOOD!!!!

Motivation is something I constantly seek. Everyone needs to be inspired, motivated & even pushed. Lately Im finding strength in others encouraging words, Gina's voice of reason & even from some of my clients and even people in the MMA Scene.

I think MMA athletes & bodybuilders have a similar mindset. We both train for one specific day, hour, min to showcase what we've worked so hard for the previous months leading up to that day. We both need to watch our nutrition and push our bodies further than we once thought possible.

I really admire and look up to theses athletes. Not only do they have to deal with high intensity training, but they diet on top of it, have to face an opponent one on one & have the possibility of Defeat. Its what they do with that feeling of defeat that makes the difference.
Champions across any sport all have one common denominator. DRIVE! They have the drive to beat the competition, the DRIVE to beat the athlete they were the day before, the DRIVE to inspire and the DRIVE to overcome obstacles, coming out stronger and more prepared!! There's one in my life that really inspires me to push harder, push past the pain I might feel during a set, push past the feeling of not wanting to go finish my training for the day & push through the negative thoughts that somtimes cross my mind. He keeps me going & I'm so blessed that God had our paths cross. I'm not used to having someone that believes in me, that pushes me day in and day out without even saying a word, to become the best person I can. IN & OUTSIDE of the gym. He reminds me that I Can and I WILL do what I have my mind set to doing and the ONLY person that stops that from happening is ME. I think the more positive thoughts I flood my mind with the better my workouts have become, the stronger my mind has become and the easier it is to get through my days. So happy to see the next! Thanks for the inspiration and above all belief in me. It means more than I can express. I wont disapoint.

Well Im excited for today. I have 40 min of cardio left tonight after I train shoulders, calves and abs. Im going to try and get into train some BJJ tonight after my weight training.

Have an awesome rest of the week! and thanks for reading up on my progress. :)

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