Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alarm went off, I hit snooze

Good Morning everyone!!! Well today I had the intentions of waking up with my alarm, which I did, but instead of throwing on my workout gear I hit snooze and drifted back to sleep for an hour and a half.

Yesterday was full of cardio!! I did BJJ in the morning for an hour. Learned a choke hold with the GI & got in some live rolling time. Did the cardio kickboxing at 6pm. It was a revved up class last night!! Full of high intensity drills & we even got to practice our ground and pound on some bags. I decided to stick around to try out a Muay Tai class. It was a nice change of pace, a little slower, but more technique driven. I so excited to learn the different styles of martial arts. Its a ton of fun & I get an amazing workout doing it! If there's a school by you I encourage you to stop in and try a class or two. You'd be surprised how much it helps you stay focused and burn off that extra weight.

This year Im really trying to focus on functional training. Not only do I want to continue to build lean mass but I want to be athletic as well. So far, its working out great & I cannot wait to continue my adventures. Thanks for checking in..

TOnight: I still need to get in 25min of stairmill 25 min of treadmill on an incline. 10 of those min are inclined while holding 10lb dumbells.

weight training tonight is: Abs, back & Calves. :) Love love love training back so this will be an easy night followed by my cardio. :)

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