Friday, October 9, 2009

Building Big things in the Desert

Hey everyone!! Welcome to my blogspot. I intend to document my daily battles of going against the grain of society and pushing towards a lean mean physique!! Its always been a tough road for me starting in HS. Image was important and me being a 15yr old female knowing nothing about nutrition I would starve myself then binge & purge on the weekends. It wasnt until I was out of high school and back from my adventures in Santa Barbara did I really begin to educate myself about the importance of proper nutrition, weight training and cardio.

I like most didnt know that weight training can be my friend. I just thought cardio,cardio, cardio to burn off ANY calories I had taken in that day!! I honestly look back at my destructive ways and wonder how I survived High School and early college.

On Monday I took a new position in Southern California at Max Muscle La Quinta. I'll be taking over store operations as well as being an onsite Sports Nutritionist. I'm really excited to be back in a nutrition store. I love helping people achive their goals and educating them so they dont make the mistakes I did!!

I havent competed since last year 08. I won the class B Figure as well as the Overall Figure at the Jr. California Bodybuilding and Figure championships. The past few months have been rocky to say the least & now that I'm feel steady, Im ready to hit the gym hard!

My main goals on this journey are to maintain a balanced lifestyle. No more "on season" " off season" mentality. Eating clean, training hard while still enjoying life is where Im headed.

Welcome again & I hope you check back daily. I'll post different training, supplement and food ideas. Im sure some regular life stuff will be in there as well!!