Tuesday, February 2, 2010

17 weeks out

I am now 17 weeks out. Give or take a few days. Last week wasnt bad at all. Kept pretty on track. Added a few extra carbs & fats in a few places, missed one session of cardio but got in 4 extra MMA training classes. So it balanced out to the right amount of calories burned.

I took pictures yesterday & sent updates to GIna. Im actually 135.8lbs now. Apparently Im looking on track. I personally feel like and look like Ive gone backwards but as of yesterday I got one cardio session cut out.

This weeks schedule is : bi/tri/glutes & Cardio Kickboxing
Tuesday: Calves/ Abs/ Shoulders 25min stairmill 25 min treadmill at incline
Wednesday: Off from Weights Cardio kickboxing
Thursday: Track WOrkout - 25 min stairmill 25 min treadmill at incline
Friday: Legs ( glutes & Hams ) 9 am kickboxing
Saturday: JuJitsu & Shoulders Hams & Abs
Sunday: 25 Min stairmill 25 min treadmill & Interval treadmill workout

Almost 100% moved in to the new place. Im glad I found it and can get all my meal prepared the way they are supposed to be on time & everything hahaa... Love it!

Well today is long, I'll be at the store till 8 then headed off to the gym to train and get cardio in after that!!

I posted my front pic I sent to Gina yesterday.... LOL the only good part about it... I wont look like that in a few weeks thank GOD!