Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday monday... bah dah, bah da da dah...

LOl.. everytime I hear Monday I think of that song I had to sing a rendition of in Middle school. hahah... oh anyways..

Today is off to an amazing start!! Got up before my 6:30 text came in and started to prep for AM cardio. Took a BRN-2, strapped on the ipod & headed to 24 hour fitness.

Got in 25 min on stairmill, text some friends and read oxygen to make it go my a lot faster. Something about getting that cardio out of the way first thing really makes me feel so much better and ready to attack my day!

After cardio, I headed home for meal 1:
5 egg whites 1/4c oatmeal with cinnamon & splenda, 1/4 avocado topped off with some salsa, cilantro and green onions!! SOOO YUMMY...

I have 3 cardio kickboxing session in my plan right now so I decided to get one done and over with so after meal 1 I packed up gloves, wraps and headed out to Technique to get my ass kicked!!

Now on to tackle the rest of my day. I have Bi's, Tri's & Glutes tonight plus 25 min of cardio on the treadmill at and incline.

This week we have complied some mini goals while my trainer is in Cabo for her wedding. I will be left without contact with her from now until March 22nd!! ahahaha... So since I need to have things shortened so I dont overwhelm myself the goal this week is to NOT HIT SNOOZE! Get up in the AM and get my cardio out of the way. The next weeks goal is to get in all AB & LEG workouts. I struggle doing legs and abs for some reasoN! ahahhaa..

We will taking progress pictures March 22nd when she gets back, so my main focus is to make sure I look a lot different in 2 weeks.

Also be debating on what I should do for a suit. I could use the same one that I have currently. Add some stones to it. Or get a new suit. I really like the one Larissa Reis wore for the Olympia this year. It was turqoise with pink and light colored accent stones. Or Mindi Smiths suit shes been wearing since shes won her procard. Anyone have any ideas?? I've attached pics...

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