Sunday, April 11, 2010

7 weeks out & counting

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

this week was pretty good, Id have to say. I didnt get in 100% of everything on my plan as far as cardio goes but I did finish with the right amount just in different forms. This week was heavier on the MMA training and I kinda slipped some of those in instead of hitting the cardio equiptment.

Monday: Bi's Tris & Glutes 60 min of stairmill 1 hour of Kickboxing and 1 hour of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Tuesday: Shoulders & Calves, 1 hour of BJJ 40 min stairmill 25 min stairmill & 5 min on bike
Wednesday: 30 min stairmill 30 min eliptical 15 min bike
THursday: Legs 40 min stairmill 25 min stairmill
Friday: 1 hour of kickboxing, 1 hour of kickboxing 30 min stairmill
Saturday: 1 hour of BJJ shoulders & hamstrings, 30 min on stairmill & 30 min on stairmill.

Feeling great today. Its high fat day which is my favorite so I will be on cloud 9 today eating my natural peanut butter and almond butter. today I have to get in 80 min of cardio plus 20 bike sprints. I'll probably get in 40 min then 10 sprints and go back later to finish the rest or hit the track for some sprints and the rest of my cardio. I love trackworkouts to get me sweating and get outside for a natural stride. :) I updated Gina today with pictures so we will see what is in store for next week!!!

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