Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Less fat... More cravings!!

Hey Everyone!!! Sorry I didnt get pictures from Monday with Gina. My client Courtney had to get in some posing time so I got my suit off as quick as possible and hit up the stairmill while she was posing with Gina.

Monday was great! Met at 10:15 at World Gym in San Diego. Got in a killer shoulder workout with Gina and then got in 30 min of cardio. We headed out to Sushi with another competitor Jon Ward. He will be in the super heavy class this year at the Cal. They have some Bomb sushi rolls at this little spot off Garnet in San Diego. It was carb free and oo sooo soo good!!

After that we did a little shopping then headed back to Palm Springs. I got in another 30 min of stairmill after we got back and then headed out to dinner.

Yesterday was rough for some reason. I got a new plan. Cardio's been uped to 2 80 min sessions, 2 sets of bike sprints but still 60 min of cardio the other 5 days a week. The fat in my plan got lowered so Im having some hardcore cravings yesterday and today. I miss my almond butter!!! Its so weird what happens to your taste buds when you elimiate things from you diet. I was allowed to eat a new bar that came out called Quest Bars. Theses bad boys are so freaking amazing I chowed down on TWO of them right in a row!!! AHHHHHH extra 220 calories.

So I dont think I'll be adding those into my plan any more. I asked Gina to take them out. I cannot handle the sweetness of them, it stirred up other cravings. I need to get my salty tooth back b.c that keeps me safe and on track. Craving clean fresh meats and salads.

Today Im going to try and get in some MMA training and kickboxing as well as triceps, glutes and calves since I missed them yesterday. I'll need to do abs as well. So thats all on my list today!

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