Saturday, March 6, 2010

12 weeks out!

Hey Everyone!! Dang its been 5 weeks since I last posted a blog! ahahah Damn you would think Id be ahead of the game. Its all a learning experience. Life is life and it happens. Im human and slip up from time to time.

15 weeks out was supposed to be the start of my contest prep. It was a little rocky as I started to get the mind set of on and off season which is quite a battle for me. I need to think HEALTHY LIFESYLE and not on/off season.

The past week has been filled with me trying to get in all my meals & training. Right now my cardio is 45min a day 6 days a week, 3 kickboxing classes, 1 Jiu-Jitsu class & 10 bike sprints.

Weight training is 5 days a week with Shoulders and legs being done twice. Im laying off of training back & chest for right now and focusing on my weaker body parts. I really need to bring up my legs ( especially glute hamstring tie in) so my workouts have been filled with a LOT of lower body work.

For the first time in a while Im actually getting legs in atleast 1-2 times per week. THe last contest prep I think I did them 2xs a month. I used to dread leg days, but now when I train legs I invision the way they are going to look on stage. I find myself squeezing my glutes and hams on a daily basis to get that mind muscle connection. I think its really starting to make a difference and Im on my way to thicker legs.

As this week is coming to a close Im ready to tackle another one. Im taking this contest prep one week & then one day at a time. I find it easier to stay focused and motivated when I have mini goals to reach.

This week the focus is going to be getting up early for AM cardio before meal one. I struggled with that this week, so its my "monster" I gotta tackle!!

I'll post again tomorrow with more details about the prep. Thanks for reading!