Friday, April 9, 2010

6 Weeks out tomorrow!!!

Im 6 weeks out tomorrow! Time is flying by. I cannot believe Im so close. I dunno what it is but after 6 weeks out it flashes before your eyes.

This week has been filled with kick ass workouts and yummy foods. I had another MINOR slip up but it was with clean foods just too many of them at the wrong time. Im still on track and ready to turn it up yet another notch as it gets closer.

Kickboxing classes have been amazing this week. Ive gotten in 2 so far. My avg calorie burn during those is around 400. Its such a great workout but its causing my heart to be more conditioned. Regular cardio now is very difficult to get my heart rate higher than 140!! I used to be able to hit that so fast. Now I got to turn that treadmill up to 15 incline at 4.6 MPH to even get that thing to jump! Ive been doing mostly the fat burner mode on the stairmill. I love that thing! I can feel my glutes getting tighter and I can feel!

I got a call from LA INK the TV show for a tattoo design Ive wanted for a long time. It goes with my key. I have an on camera interview monday and then we go from there to see if I can be on the show, so thats EXCITING!! I'll post pictures from LA ;) I wanna try and go to Golds Venice & Train. So we shall see.

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