Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Applesauce, flasks & sushi send off!!

Good Morning everyone!! Hope your weeks going well so far!!

Guess Ive been a little MIA for the past week. It all started with Monday. I decided to go out to dinner with a friend. Had a few drinks & sushi... then some more drinks. haha... Oh needless to say I had more calories than I should of. Missed a lot of workouts last week.

I know the Cal is right around the corner. Contest prep officially starts 15 weeks out from the date of the contest which is FEB> 13th!! Getting a head start on a contest prep is never a bad idea. In my mind I like to have one last crazy week/weekend filled with consuming whatever I feel like may it be Nachos, Drinks, etc. So thats what last week was! I ate terrible the entire week and now Im feeling the effects. My workouts are very slow & it takes me a while to get out of bed. It usually takes me about a full week or 5 days to clear all the toxins out of my body and be back to normal.

This morning I got in 25 min of stairmill at 24 hour fitness in Indio. It went by quick, especially after my friend Courtney ( whos getting ready for her first NPC Bikini competition. She'll be doing the Orange County Classic April 24th!!) Its always nice to have a cardio & workout buddy. Keeping you accountable to your workouts and also being there to push one another. For this contest prep, that is one thing Im going to get in more of. WOrking out with several others to push myself & to also help them out as well!!!

Im already down 2 meals.

meal 1: 5 egg whites w/ salsa & spray butter.
1/4c oatmeal w/ 1/4c homemade applesauce for flavor.

meal 2: 4 egg whites w/ 1.5 scoop of protein powder 1/4c oats with another splash of applesauce. Made into pancakes!! SOOO YUMMY. and of course, topped with SPray butter hehehe...

my next meal will be a salmon patty with green beans & a slice of ezikel bread.

Got a lot of planning to do, as well as orders to place in the store. Today will be busy busy!! Cant wait. :) I'm hitting shoulders & calves tonight. Should be an awesome workout. Then BJJ in the AM!!! :)

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