Sunday, January 17, 2010

San Diego & picking myself back up

Happy Sunday to all!! Hope your day of rest is filled with recharging energy for the up coming week. Get outside, take a walk with ones you love, see a movie, DO SOMETHING!!! :)

Friday was a little rocky, I decided last min to head down to San Diego to meet with my trainer Gina. I headed out around 4pm after getting oil changed. Got to San Diego around 6pm. I headed straight to Worlds Gym off Garnet to get in my back workout that I had missed the other day.

I did wide lat pull downs, dumbbell rows, straight arm push downs for the lats on cables & finished with close grip cable rows.

After the mini back workout, I headed upstairs to hit the stairmill for 25 min. Then headed to the treadmill to finish the other 25 min.

Being back in that gym, seeing all the dedication surrounding the weights, peoples hearts pumping away on cardio equiptment with the cool crisp air of San Diego was an amazing flash back. I used to head down there several times a month to see Gina during my contest prep in 08. Something about that gym, its a calming feeling for me. Like a sportsman slap on the backside saying " Good job, keep going, you got this" I feel in my own focused world at that gym, its crazy.

After that headed to a friends house to eat my meals and get some sleep.

Saturday, woke up and had 1/2c of oatmeal with 1 scoop of high 5 pineapple banana protein. headed in to see Gina at 11. She looked amazing as always. Such a positive vibe from her. She showed my shoulders the workout they've been needing haha & we went over some posing. This year, I need to change up my posing and hit my hamstrings as hard as possible for the next 19 weeks.

Main things I need to focus on is being 100% with my diet and training. Getting in all the food that is recommended and hitting the body parts I need to as hard as possible. The biggest concerns I have this contest season, is not coming in showing drastic improvements. Building muscle is a slow process. It takes years to build good, solid, dense muscle. Being female, it just adds one more thing... ESTROGEN!!! It makes it even tougher to put on the muscle that I want.

So today, its back to the gym after I leave the shop. I have cardio to do today & thats it. I might throw some abs in there since I didnt do them yesterday.
I got an updated plan with track workouts & some new cardio varations so this week will be interesting. Ill try and get the track workout on video so you can see what I do.

Have an awesome Sunday!!!

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