Monday, June 14, 2010

1st place, Vegas adventure & bad cough

well well well it has come and gone! Im finally finished with the CAL figure competition! I finished 1st in my class & went on to loose the overall to Heather from class D I believe. She looked amazing & is another client of Gina's. It was great to get to know some of the girls backstage! Meygan from Class E ( I believe) was such a sweetheart. Between her, Heather & myself we made the backstage area a time of laughs and new friendships. Congrats to all that competed everyone looked so great it was crazy! Huge BIkini classes as well.... who knew that division would take off like it did. They said that about figure though back in 2003. Im excited to now have JR CAL 1st place & CAL 1st place!!!!!!!! damn what an honor!

My family came out from the midwest to cheer me on. It felt so amazing to have friends and family surrounding me and cheering me on as I went on stage this year. Also in the audience was my fiance Dionisio. Overall I had such an amazing time!!

I came out of that weekend with a 1st place, 2 new friends & a warm fuzzy feeling I wouldnt trade for the world. Thank you to all who have followed me through this and continue to do so as I climb the figure latter one rep at a time.

Now for future plans..... Ive been taking some time off ( about a week & 1/2) My friends from nebraska came out & we had a week full of drinks, yummy foods & not a care in the world. Once I got back home after our party sessions I became ill!!! Im still sick. Got awful cough and all stuffed up. I decided to push through and continue with my competition schedule.

Im planning on stepping on stage at the USA's in July. I qualified for nationals so Im going to take advantage of it and see how I place amoungst the best in the world. It will be the biggest, toughest competition ive done so far but Im excited and ready to get my feet wet in VEGAS!!!!!

As of now Its time to get back into the gym. Im finally back to about 75% as far as feeling good goes so Im back to the gym and training. I have some weight to take off from the week off as well as being sick but Im sure I'll be able to get it together by July 30th!! I cannot wait.

Here are some pics from the show and vegas. I love you all, thank you for your support.