Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas time is here, I mean WAS here & now its almost the NEW YEAR!

Such an exciting time for everyone. The closing of a full year. The ups, downs and maybe even standstills you experienced are all in the past. What did you take from them? What did YOU learn in 2012. Its so cliche to do a New Years Resolution. Why? Why is it that everyone sees a calendar turn & gets so motivated to do something different? Hate it all you want but its a perfect time, TODAY is a perfect time to change. Leave an old habit behind, create a new one & continue improving ones already implimented.

So you go to the gym, GREAT, what about setting a new personal best? Maybe in the last few months you havent changed anything in your workout, CHANGE SOMETHING. Try a new class you used to laugh at or were to intimidated to try out. Get into some Yoga pants & bend yourself into a pretzel, try that MMA class you see at your local gym, shoot, Try CROSS fit if you feel the urge. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone & make a commitment.

Commit to changing your life for the better. My husband and I have been talking a lot lately about change. We need a change, for the better of course. WE decided to make a year long commitment to ourselves and our little Ellie to not consume alcohol in the year of 2013! We are excited to go on this venture.

A former boss of mine always had us write down our goals for the next quarter & year. It had to be so specific it got broken down TO THE DAY. What will you do on a daily basis to reach your goals. making shorter term goals not only helps keep you focused but keeps you on track to the larger goals you set for yourself.

Get out a pen & paper.

Set your mind to achieve

and get started. :) Happy Commitment SETTING ! :)

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