Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I think I can, I think I can....

Happy Tuesday everyone! I guess I’ve been missing some blogger days here, my apologies. This weekend was full of fitness adventures! Saturday we took to the trails out here in the Coachella Valley with a group of fitness friends from the gym. Taking to the dirt we started our adventure in chilly 32 degree weather!! The beginning of the run was rough for me, inhaling the icy air; I pushed through the first incline. As we get closer to the top and out of the valleys I began to feel a lot better. Run like that is always a fun challenge. You find out where your body can go & how your mind can easily propel a weak one forward. I’m not sure the mileage on the course but I’ve been told it was 2 miles up. After our 4 mile jog we went to refuel at CoCo's. After inhaling my shrimp egg white omelet with nut grain dry pancakes we headed off to take a nap. Recharging, refueling & reflecting on the workout of the morning. It was a great Saturday. This week I challenge everyone reading this blog to try something new. Try a new trail, workout class, cardio, healthy recipe... SOMETHING. Then post your adventures here. Pictures are welcomed & encouraged. Let’s see who gets to try the craziest thing this week. I have a seminar coming up January 17th in Rancho Mirage! Stay tuned & I will post the details soon. Im excited to share some yumminess on the health front with you all.


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