Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I woke up to my iphone alarm going off & my husband nudging  me, " Babe, are you going to go to class?"  I mumbled a "no" in response & pulled the comfotor over my face. Next thing I know, HE's out of the bed and in the bathroom getting ready. Oh no way, hes going to go, he went yesterday, todays my turn! As the conversation continued in my head, along with some reasons why I should/shouldnt go, I sprang up & went into the bathroom to grab my workout clothes.

Im very competitive, can you tell! haha... I wasnt about to let him get 3 great workouts in a row without me working out ONCE! No sireee.

I got to the gym 15 min after 5am. for some reason the clock in that gym is fast. I had already missed the running warm up but I had made it just in time for the meaty part of the workout.

50 burpess then the 20 min circut began:
5 pulls-up
10 push ups chest to the floor
15 20 in box jumps

you do this for 20 min straight & see how many sets you can complete. I got 13 in, try it tonight and post on the comments section your totals! Its kinda fun.

we then finished with 500 abs. It was an amazing way to start my day.

how do you start your day? does it start with a workout, or do you start with morning meditation? Your morning can set the pace for the entire day. Have you ever been running late and some how you end up having THE worst day ever?

I encourage you to start your morning off right tomorrow. Even if its 15 min of stretching, just get something in. I promise you will find yourself adding more and more each day. You actually burn more calories in a day if you start your day with a workout! So wake up an hour early, get yourself to the gym & get your heart moving!!

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