Monday, December 17, 2012

Bad Habits

Bad Habits! Everyone has one, or three. Its something that makes us all human, but it can also hold you back. I think the best thing to do about bad habits to to acknowlege they are there. No ONE is perfect, I've met a lot of fitness icons in my life & let me tell you they all have things that they do that would be considered a bad "fitness" habit.

This weekend I was noticing my bad fitness habit. I had the chance to workout, I had the time, but I choose to let my excuses win. Its usually not something where I just say, " You know Im just not in the mood." no, It goes from " Well we have to take Ellie in, or who will watch her, or I just ate some food let me let it settle & then when Im asked an hour later I say that Im tired, sore or I have another activity." Either way you get the idea. It really made me think this weekend. I put my class ahead of my own workout. My orginal plan was to get to the gym early & workout prior to teaching the class. THe daycare opens at 8am, so I would of had ample time to get in an intense workout. Instead we mosied around the house, talked to my sister in laws, made our EMERGE drinks & sat around. I got a workout in, but it was AFTER the class & it was not the level of workout I was looking for.

On Sunday, my husband wanted to do a workout with me that did not involve going into the gym, it was quick & do able but I decided to watch him instead. Why do we do that to ourselves? Tony Robins says its because our decisions are based on moving away from pain. I can agree with that. I saw something that might cause me some pain, make me sweat & my mind was set on relax.

Either way, workouts do not have to consist of 1.5 hours inside of a gym with slow moving weight training & slow moving cardio. THATS RIDICULOUS. If you dont feel like going to the gym, DONT! I know that sounds crazy, youre thinking but Brianne you are supposed to motivate me to achieve my goals & live healthier..... I Am, I want you to not feel inslaved by the concept of the gym. It can get overwhelming, trust me, I know first hand. Especially if you have kids. Youre workout window shortens, you have to incovience more people & theres more steps. I encourage you to stop stressing about your workouts and start ENJOYING THEM.

If the gym is the last thought on your mind, get outisde. If its too cold outside, throw on some music at your house & dance around for 30 min. Get your heart rate up, get your blood & body moving, DO SOMETHING,ANYTHING. Workouts are there to boost your mood, release endorphins and make your life easier and better. Please start benefiting from your workouts and stop the ball & chain gym drag. Its so 1990! Grab some resistance bands, medicine ball & yoga mat from your local store for those "ball & chain" days. Trust me, you will have them, we all do! Theres nothing wrong with them, its just time to counter them with a nother result producing idea.

Im making a promise to myself today December 17, 2012 that I will no longer give in to my excuses. I will produce results no matter the size or depth of them. I will grab some resistance bands, weights, medicine ball or even a CD & dance around my house with my child. But from here on out, I REFUSE to let myself get weak at the thought of the gym.

What bad habit do you have thats hindering you from getting in a workout? Or loosing those last 20lbs. Is it always "someone else's fault" or are you "too tired" to workout. Leave those behind! They are only causing you delay. Get off of the excuses treadmill & lets go for a jog in the outdoors.

Todays workout of the day: 100meter sprints followed by 10 burpees for 10 min straight.. ALL about speed so step it up a notch...

If after reading this blog you feel that you need more help with staying focus, contact me & I will help you start your fitness journey today. Everyone is good enough to have lean abs & nice glutes. Stop leaving the real you behind, bring him or her out. NOw is a better time if ever.


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