Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas is coming! Hide the scales!!

The holidays are here. They've officially been here since Thanksgiving in November, or going back further, HALLOWEEN. All that candy, over calories side dishes & the drinks, oh those drinks can pack on the pounds faster than anything. So you might have just snacked here and there, but those calories add up!
This past Thursday at Contour Dermatology I spoke to the staff in our weekly meetings about how to get the body you deserve by eating right. We took a look into how the foods we eat effect our day to day lives, body fat percentage, well being & our physical appearance. Take a look at the daily beverage calorie chart below:
That ends up totally 9590 calories over the course of a week. Since it takes roughly 3500 calories to equal 1lb of fat & burning 500 calories more than you take in a day will help you reduce that pound of fat from your body a week, what beverages could you remove to achieve that goal?
Lets take a closer look. Lets say I go to Starbucks, I order a Grande Cafe Mocha, that's 350 calories. If I were to switch that one specific drink to a skinny cafe mocha, Id be taking out 150 calories! Add 20 min of cardio to my day & I just took out 500 calories a day.
There are things all over the kitchen that you can substitute in your meals to help keep that holiday budge off.
Select leaner cuts of meat -10-15 grams of fat!
Use non-stick cooking spray instead of oils to cook - 10grams of fat!
Use spray butter & dressings instead of the real thing. You wont sacrifice flavor
So next time you think "Ugh I only lost a 1lb" take a look at this picture, 1 pound is a lot! 1 pound of fat could be that muffin top you cant squeeze into your jeans, 1 pound could be that back fat you always see poking through your bra. 1 pound is something to celebrate, because 1 pound usually turns into 3, then 5 then 10.

The holidays are here! Don't let it ruin your progress. Our next blog will be some holiday tips to help keep you on track & still enjoying the festivities.
Workout challenge of the week:
So my husband and myself did this the other day thanks to a friend posting it on his facebook page. ( Thanks JR) so here you guys go, try this workout sometime this week, all it takes is:
12-16in step or box
Dumbells or resistance bands
medicine ball or a weight
15 box jumps
10 overhead shoulder press
15 ball squats
repeat for 20min continuously. :) ENJOY THE BURN ;)

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